You found me! đź‘‹
I'm Dominic Emanuel Horn, 
Senior Product Designer certified in User Experience (UX).
I currently freelance for Motius↗ and Stoffe Hemmers↗, where I research, design, and build valuable digital products to empower users and increase business growth.
I mainly use Figma↗, Miro↗ and Notion↗ because they're amazing collaborative tools, perfect for agile↗ environments and cross-functional teams.
If you're looking to build a delightful and problem-solving digital product, or just want to play some age of empires 2, check out my CV or get in touch ↓
In the past, I've created innovative & delightful digital products for:
→, where I conducted a due diligence of the existing product offering, validated it with user research, and led a redesign of the DISH landing page, the DISH platform, as well as the DISH app
→ Siemens, where I designed a Knowledge Graph and a Smart Assistant for Sales Reps
→ Mercedes, where I designed a mobility app concept
→ SWM, where I designed a super app concept

Thank you!